Management Systems Implementation Consultant, Auditor, and Trainer

  • •Exemplar Global Certified Management Systems Implementation Lead Consultant (Scope includes Safety, Environmental, Medical Device, and Quality Management Systems)
  • •PECB Certified Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 45001)
  • •PECB Certified Trainer
  • PECB Authorized Reseller

What Is My 'Why'?

My personal motivation is for regional companies to succeed, keep, and grow jobs here supporting our local economy and our families. Continual improvement and risk management are critical components for long term success.

I am available to discuss your needs and how my background and experience can accelerate your improvement through quality control system coaching, manufacturing process improvement, and more.

I understand the demands of automotive quality and that all management systems require similar implementation and execution approaches despite the differences in technical details. My over 30 years of experience is strong in manufacturing, but my systems development, problem solving, auditing, and training experience can be applied to non-manufacturing processes as well.

Here is a LINK to a recent article published on GoSolo about me and my business.

What I Offer:

ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 45001/ ISO 13485

  • ISO 9001 training
  • ISO 13485 training
  • ISO 45001 training
  • Executive overview
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation support
  • Documentation (review/development/control)
  • Internal auditing
  • Training (auditing/management review/corrective action)
  • PECB Certification training
  • Registrar selection
  • Pre-assessment
  • On-site support for registration audit
  • Post-registration ongoing support
  • Advantages of Management System Integration

IATF 16949

  • Overview of requirements beyond ISO 9001
  • Gap analysis
  • Implementation support
  • Documentation (review/development/control)
  • Internal auditing
  • Training (auditing/management review/corrective action)
  • Registrar selection
  • Pre-assessment
  • Post-registration ongoing support
  • Advantages of Management System Integration
  • Automotive core tools (Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan, Production Part Approval Process, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Measurement Systems Analysis)

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  • Root cause analysis techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Designed experiments
  • Capability Analysis
  • Basic statistics

Supply Chain

  • Supplier development and auditing
  • Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program development

  • Extensive experience with the following agencies

    • BATF
    • EPA
    • PHMSA
    • NHTSA
    • CBP
    • DHS
    • BIS

  • Planning
  • Assurance
  • Control
  • Improvement


Keep your worksite operating efficiently while being safe for workers and guests.



Make sure your company delivers a consistent, high-quality product.



Use resources efficiently while minimizing your environmental impact.


Regulation Monitoring and Process Improvement

Learn how to adapt your management system to ever-changing regulations.

Regulation Monitoring and Process Improvement

Don't Go Into Your Next Audit Blind

Partner with an ISO management system consultant serving Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO and and surrounding areas with manufacturing process improvement, quality control system coaching, ISO training, IATF training, and more

The world of worksite regulations and standards is constantly evolving. Your business needs to be ready to adapt to stay compliant. By hiring Michael J. Gross LLC, you can prepare for registration or your next audit with an internal assessment. I consult with businesses in Owensboro, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN & St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas as an IATF and ISO management system consultant and can help your operation by:

Assessing your management system and identifying gaps in your process
Helping you solve problems and create documentation for your new system
Training your staff in techniques for monitoring and improving the process
Supporting your team throughout your ISO or IATF audit and beyond.

I'll work hand in hand with your staff to help make sure your operation has an efficient and effective management system in place. Speak with a dedicated ISO and IATF management system consultant by calling me at 270-993-9001.

Choose a personable consultant

I believe that people are the greatest resource for any business, and I practice that belief every day as an IATF and ISO management system consultant. I make it my mission to help regional companies succeed and grow to support local communities in the Indianapolis, IN, Bowling Green, KY, Louisville, KY, Nashville, TN, St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas. I'll train your staff in risk management and continual improvement techniques to help set your company up for success.

I have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and apply my understanding of systems development, problem solving, auditing and training to your business. You can rest assured that your company will be prepared to meet the ever-changing ISO and IATF standards.

Contact my office today to make an appointment with an experienced ISO and IATF management system consultant.

Enjoy a direct consulting experience

When you hire me for ISO management system consulting services, you can rest assured that you'll receive personalized and experienced training for your business. Unlike some other firms, I believe in working closely with all of my clients. That's why I personally come and instruct every risk management and quality control systems coaching session.

I'll be there to teach important standards so your business can achieve key certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. If you ever need additional risk management or quality control systems coaching sessions, I'll be more than happy to come back as many times as you'd like or offer support remotely!

Reach out to my office now to schedule an ISO management system consulting service.

Prepare Your Company for an ISO Management System Assessment

Identify potential issues in advance with an internal audit